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Social Security Disability
America’s Disability Advocates
Appealing the Claim
Application Process
Common Medical Conditions
Cost of Living Adjustment
Compassionate Allowance Program
Denied SSD Benefits
Disability for Children
Disability Hearing
Do’s and Don’ts
How is My Past Work Relevant?
Grid Eligibility
Long Term Disability
Medicare – How to Apply
Request Job History Summary
Should I Hire an Attorney?
Social Security Administration
Social Security Disability Insurance
Social Security Disability Benefits
SSD and SSI Myths
Supplemental Security Income
Working While Disabled

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Food Banks
Medical Services
Multnomah County Clinics
Web Resources
Oregon Safenet
Community Resource Program

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Administration and Main Office
2475 Center St. N.E. Salem, OR. 97301
Phone: 503-585-6232
Fax: 503-375-7580
GPS: N44°56.400024, W123°0.4101

Head Start
2475 Center St. N.E. Salem, OR. 97301
Phone: 503-581-1152
Fax: 503-581-3012
TTY: 503-566-2163
GPS: N44°56.400024, W123°0.4101

Child Care Information Services
2475 Center St. N.E. Salem, OR. 97301
Phone: 503-585-2491
Toll Free: 1-800-289-5533
Partnership Line: 503-391-2784
GPS: N44°56.400024, W123°0.4101

Nutrition First
2475 Center St. N.E. Salem, OR. 97301
Mailing Address:
PO Box 2316, Salem, OR 97308
Phone: 503-581-7563
GPS: N44°56.400024, W123°0.4101

Energy Assistance and Weatherization
2585 State St. N.E. Salem, OR. 97301
Energy Phone: 503-588-9016
Weatherization Phone: 503-585-8491
Fax: 503-585-8462
GPS: N44°55.91724, W123°0.49296

Home Youth and Resource Center
625 Union St. N.E. Salem, OR. 97301
Phone: 503-391-6428
GPS: N44°56.6799, W123°1.943862

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